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Preserving the History & Heritage of Lake Winnipesaukee & Vicinity

The Lake Winnipesaukee Historical Society is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization dedicated to promote and preserve the history and heritage of Lake Winnipesaukee and vicinity.

The Lake Winnipesaukee Historical Society fulfills this mission in large part through the summer hours at the Lake Winnipesaukee Museum. See the pertinent sections on this web site for details on hours, directions, exhibits and events.

For your use, historical information is organized at the Museum by topic in easily accessible binders. Historical inquiries can be researched by Museum staff by using these files, our collections and many contacts in the area, while referrals to other historical societies, museums or organizations are provided when appropriate.

Bob Lawton and son, Tim, founded the Lake Winnipesaukee Historical Society in 1985, after years of living on and scuba diving in the lake, with the goal of opening a facility dedicated to the rich history of Lake Winnipesaukee. This goal was realized in June 2004 when the Museum opened.

We are presently raising money to fund an expansion in order to provide more exhibition space.

For information on volunteer opportunities, or further information, please contact, 603-366-5950 or PO Box 5386, Weirs, NH 03247.