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Reprinted from The Winnipesaukee Times

Water skiing was first introduced to the lake five years ago when two boys in an outboard rig toured the lake selling the skis from cottage to cottage. The sport had been popular in Florida for three or four years at this time and feats of jumping the wake of a boat or skiing with the tow bar behind the knees were considered quite sensational.

The following year, two boys from Florida who had skied professionally there, opened the first water skiing school in New England at Wolfeboro. The sport was taken up immediately and the boys found enthusiasm high and the pupils quick to take up the finer points on the sport. Progress was made in the stunt riding part of the favorite water sport with the backward skiing and toe carry tricks added to many of the skiers' accomplisments.

This year also marked the beginning of skiing exhibitions on the lake and ski jumping was taken up by a few of the more daring. Doubles riding was done in these shows by an attractive couple and the over-and-under jumping stunt was performed to the amazement of many of the lake's visitors with one skier passing underneath the jumper while the latter was in the air after having left the jump.

Dana Jones made his first appearance as the "fellow in the red flannels" acting as the winter skier who wanted a skiing lesson on winter skis. This clown act was performed a the Railroad Men's convention in Chicago last summer.

In 1948 the instruction was taken over by Dana Jones and Jack Greim who operated out of Wolfeboro and they went to various parts of the lake to give lessons.

This year also maked the beginning of the Lake Winnipesaukee championships that were held at the Weirs with the women's and men's competition being won by Mrs. Virginia Wales of Wolfeboro and Dick Edgcomb of Governor's Island.

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