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Reprinted from Where to in the Lakes Region of NH

So you think all we do up here in the winter is sit and fish? Well, come on up and ski with us ! We are not only proud of our "big time" facilities at Gilford and Plymouth, but of our smaller ski set-ups near practically all the larger ' towns in the Lakes Region. No matter where you go, however, hospitality and friendliness predominate. Let's take a tour around and see what we can find.

Gilford, 8 miles from Laconia on Rte. 11A, is the biggest and most popular because of the number and diversity of facilities. As you drive into the Recreation area on Route 11A you are first greeted by a view of the Fletcher Hale Slalom course and the 60 meter Torger Tokle Ski Jump, named for the young Norwegian who made the hill record of 251 feet in 1941. There is the big recreation building with its ski shop, Winnipesaukee Ski Club headquarters, grill room, and beautiful dance floor.

The chair tramway, 3200 feet long, services the Tryme trail ,almo'st a mile in length, and w-i-d-e. Also the Ridge Trail and Slalom. There are two 800 ft. tows for the two famous novice slopes, Phelps and Viking, plus the new Stone Bar Trail tow above Viking for intermediates and experts.

Next on the tour is the old (as Eastern Skiing goes) Plymouth Slopes Area. One of the first to be developed in New Hampshire, Plymouth holds an enviable position as the most accessable of the large N. E. centers, as it is on the B. and M. R. R. from Boston and New York, and the Daniel Webster Highway (Rte. U. S. 3) by auto.

Plymouth Area offers the following: East Slope; 650' tow serves half mile open slope, slalom course. North Slope; 700' tow, 3 novice to intermediate trails, slalom grade, other open slopes 'and runs. Durrane Dip, one third mile long, has been recut. Tows operate on weekends and holidays. Mt. Pero, a 500' tow serves half mile open slope.

An interesting movement of the skiing population recently has been toward the less populated areas, such as those listed below. By doing this, families have avoided the weekend congestion of the big centers, going to places frequented by the local and outing clubs. This also gets away from the commercialism which cannot be avoided at the big areas.

Let's take Route 3 south to Franklin, where the Franklin Outing Club operates Sunny Slopes for novice and intermediate skiers, on Route 11, six miles west of Franklin. Equipment includes a 1000' tow, warming and observation hut. There is 'skating at Odell Park, the lighted municipal rink in Franklin.

The Newfound Area offers the following:

Appalachian Mountain Club Cardigan Ski Reservation.
Duke's Pasture open Slopes of about five acres, int., Clark's Pasture, 1/2 mile long, for novice, intermediate and expert.

The following are ski trails: Alexandria, 1.7 mi. long, int. and exp. Duke's, 2 mi. long, novice. Kimball, one mi. long, int. Additional facilities include Sky Hill Farm open slopes of 10 acres, other slopes and Bailey Hill ski trail, .3 mi. long, int.

Mailbox Hill tow operates weekends and by appointment. Ski trails planned. Community Center ski school Saturday mornings for children. Municipal skating rink.

Tenney Hill, nov., int. and exp., 1.2 miles long.

New Hampton:
Ledges Ski Trail, 2 miles long, upper mile for advanced skiers.
New Hampton School ski trails.
Shinglecamp Hill slopes and small jump.

Next stop is Sandwich.
Burleigh Hill open slope, 4 acres for novices;

Wentworth's open slope, 6 'acres for novice and int.
Sandwich Ski Trail .5 miles for nov. and inter.; and the Sandwich Notch road is left unplowed for novice skiing. For further information, inquire at the Post office.

The Tamworth—Ossipee area is the next logical step in our tour.

Page Hill Slope, 5 acres, length .2 miles, 800' tow, all classes.
Ferncroft slope, nov., and Quimby Hill Slope, in the White Mountain National Forest, located one half mile west of Wonalancet, novice to int.

Two other trails, Great Hill, .5 mi., int. and Mt. Whittier 1.4 mi. long, upper exp., and lower, novice. Inquire of Tamworth Outing Club,
Tel. 64-4.

West Ossipee:
Whittier Ski Slope: 2000' open slope, 200 to 300' wide, serviced by 2 new 1000' Tows, int. and exp.; 800' practice slope, novice and for ski school, 800' tow; also two trails, inter, and expert.

New Mittelbirge Ski Slopes planned, in process of development, 800 ft. tow, slope Vs mile long and 500 ft. wide. Parking area, warming house and refreshment facilities.

Mt. View Slopes: (2 mi. off Rte. 16—1 mi. off Rte. 28) 1500 ft. ski tow—3 slopes (A) 2000 ft. long, 200 ft. wide, exp. & int. (B)
1500 ft. long, 40-300 ft. wide, int. & nov. (C) 500 ft. long, 200 ft. wide, practice slope. Slalom course. Heated ski lodge, hot and light meals, ski accessories. Inquire: Mt. View Ski Club Headquarters—"DeWitt's in the Valley," Tel. Center Ossipee 26-4.

Wolfeboro ski slope, 200 ft. wide, with 800 ft. rope tow on Route 109A, three miles north of town. Lighted for night skiing and has a small beginners' slope, warming hut, and food station. Ski instruction. Two lighted skating rinks in town. Ice boating and skate sailing on Lake Winnipesaukee. Ice fishing, bob houses for rent. Airplanes available for charter. Accommodations: Inquire of Wolfeboro Chamber
of Commerce.

Who Said We Just Sat and Fished?

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