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Reprinted from Lake Winnipesaukee, Compiled & Published by By Ronald W. Gallup, 1969

This resort community, on the site of the ancient famed Indian village of Aquedoctan (with a portage, storage food-bins, council rock, corn-mill, pottery works, fish weirs, lookout, etc.), is one of the most unique spots in the area; noted also for the Lake mouth, the view, boating and rail history, meetings, weekly fireworks in season, and other facts. Follow­ing is a brief historical list:

1632 First seen by pioneers.

1652 Visited by surveyors. Endicott Rock marked.

1736 First footpath. Shad Path started. Blockhouse built, East Bank.

1748 New Salem changed to Meredith.

1760 West Bank blockhouse.

1761 First cart-path.

1766 First settler. First sawmill.

1770 Hilliard Road cut through.

1781 Channel power flooded out.

1803 Weirs Bridge, First early taverns flourished. Dall Brickyard, (apx.). Gordon Tannery. (apx.)

1833 First channel dredging. Endicott Rock found. First steamboat, Belknap.

1841 Belknap County formed.

1848 Steamboat Lady of Lake.

1849 First train service. Channel rail-station. Channel steamer dock. Railroad water tower. Famous Red Store (apx.).

1855 Laconia formed from Meredith.

1872 Steamboat Mt. Washington. Weirs Hotel from Diamond Island (apx.). First Weirs school (apx.). Hat factory (apx.).

1879 First Veteran Associate meeting.

1883 Calvert's "Weirs Times" 3rd Weirs RR station (apx.).

1890 Worst Lake storm. Weirs 2nd school (apx.). Bicycling craze, & club (apx.).

1892 First Lake mail service.

1894 Weirs Boulevard put in.

1896 Endicott Rock covered.

1898 Electric trolley.

1900 Train wreck.

1922 Winnipesaukee Gardens built.

1924 Weirs Hotel burned.

1925 Lake air-mail service.

1939 Weirs RR station burned. Mt. Washington burned. New RR station.

1940 New pleasure boat, Mt. Washington II.

1941 Great drought. 1951 New beach built. State Park formed (apx.). Ski club.

1959 National ski championships.

1964 National ski championships. Bicycle race around Lake.

1961 Uncle Sam mailboat retired.

1962 New mailboat, Uncle Sam II.

1965 Quarryside Country Museum.

1968 Diamond Jubilee steam-train.