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Reprinted from Where to in the Lakes Region of NH

The Lakes Region is fast becoming the flyer's paradise, for where else can you go in an airplane for so much beauty, so much relaxation, and such excellently located resorts? With five 'conveniently located airfields and six seaplane bases the flying visitor has an excellent choice of spots for his aerial vacation. In winter, every lake and pond becomes a landing area for the ski-equipped plane, and it is becoming a common sight to see Lake Winnipesaukee dotted with the aircraft of the flying ice fishermen.

Each year, both in summer and winter, hundreds of visitors become acquainted with the excellent and well established flying services in the Region. Many fly as passengers, for it is only through the medium of the airplane that one may grasp the majestic beauty of the mountains meeting the water, the kaleidoscopic harmony of autumn color, or the integrated pattern of the "untrav'ld world whose margin fades and fades forever when I move."

Others find the personal charter service, which is offered by all flight operators at moderate prices, an ideal way to commute to Boston and New York and still enjoy a maximum 'of time in the Region. For an emergency several services have aircraft equipped for instrument weather, day or night, to speed you to your destination.

Still others combine a flight training course with their recreation program. It requires only a few hours of instruction in the modern light airplane before the embryo pilot is enjoying solo flight in the scenic area. For those veterans who plan a vacation near a Civil Aeronautics Administration approved flight school there is the opportunity for elementary or advanced training at no cost under the provisions of the G. I. Bill.

At Laconia Airport, which, with its two 3,500 foot paved runways, is suitable for the largest of executive type airplane, there are two CAA approved schools.

At Wolfeboro the Lakes Region Flying Service has a seaplane service near the center of town and a landing field on Wolfeboro Neck. By Docking at the Casino, the flying tourist can moor his plane just a hundred yards from the downtown shopping center. Also in downtown Wolfeboro is the seaplane service of the Northeast Equipment Company, which offers excellent facilities.

Up in the northwest corner two fields in Plymouth, operated by the Voipe Flying Service .and the Riverside Flying Service, take care of the land
and ski-equipped planes.

Town Facility Operator
Paugus Bay (Lakeport)
Rochester (Somersworth)
Wolfeboro Neck
Alton Bay

Airport—Class III
Seaplane Base
Airfield—Class I
Seaplane Base
Airfield—Class I
Seaplane Bases
Seaplane Base
Airfield—Class I
Amphibious Landing

Skyhaven, Inc.
Skyhaven, Inc.
Warren Sholz
William A. Cannon
Lakes Region Flying Service
Lakes Region Flying Service & Northeast Equipment Company
Downing Seaplane Service
Voipe Flying Service
Riverside Flying Service
Long Island Beach


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